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Condo for sale in Tulum

A fantastic opportunity for a one bedroom condo for sale in Tulum has come up in the growing, popular beach town destination.

If you are familiar with Tulum, you may know that Aldea Zama is the most modern neighborhood and the closest to the beach.  Modern infrastructure, modern standards and proximity to the beach are really just the beginning.

This fantastic one bedroom condo for sale in Tulum, comes fully furnished, equipped and with a calendar to envy most vacation rentals in the area.   The rental figures are available, but this unit outperforms the average unit in Tulum by almost 30%.   It is very well reviewed and it rents quite often.

So, WHY on earth would the owner sell such a fantastic performer, well located, and well managed unit ? Why does one buy something so correctly chosen yet sell so soon?

They need to sell in order to proceed on another investment.

Under regular circumstances, you hold on to a property like this:  brand new, freshly delivered and in an upward trend establishing itself as a successful property, but when an opportunity knocks on the door, tough choices must be made.

If you are a couple, looking for a winter-in-the-sub headquarters.  If you are an investor looking for a well performing rental unit, you must look into this property.    A young family looking to take their first steps into a real estate investment in Tulum, Mexico but the list is quite long for ideal buyers of this condo for sale in Tulum.

If you are looking to “try Tulum for size” before considering a larger purchase, this may be a great approach:  Instead of renting, and having that money go nowhere… buy this unit and earn some (thought modest) value in appreciation.

Details and specs of the condo for sale in Tulum

condo for sale in Tulum

This is a one bedroom unit with an interior total of 680 square feet.   The outdoor area includes a pool-front facing patio and a private outdoor area with a jacuzzi.  The outdoor total adds up to 359 square feet, putting the total for the unit at 1040 square feet.

Click here to find all the details, as well as additional photos for this condo for sale in Tulum.   There are some photos  AND a video that shows the space.  All additional details are there of course.

Use it, rent it.  Live in it through the winter and rent it out the rest of the year!  It is ready now!   Additional photos available upon request.