Even though you will mostly make your way around Tulum with English, it is always good to speak the local language. But language schools always means time and money, something you might not have or don’t want to spend on right now. Luckily there are plenty other ways to learn Spanish with only little time and no money involved.

Step 1: Get to know basics of the language

This is crucial to get a grasp on how the Spanish language is built up and the general sentence structure works. There are many Apps for Android and Apple out there.

This Apps can teach you a lot of languages. It’s totally free and teaches you vocabulary as well as time tenses. Unfortunately it doesn’t explain the rules behind the correct or wrong answer.

Download Flashcards or write your own. Perfect for new words you learn in your everyday life around Tulum and want to remember. You will learn vocabularies faster, if you don’t write the translation on the back site but a picture of the concept or an explanation in Spanish.

Google Translator
It works as a mobile dictionary and can even translate whole sentences for you, if needed. If you don’t have mobile internet, don’t worry. You can also download languages and use it offline. Tip: it works best with English-Spanish translations, but it’s never better than a bilingual person.

Another App and website designed to teach you the most common vocabulary. Designed as a game, you get points for correct answers and can compete against others.

Step 2: Speak it!

So you know the basics, and now is the best time to start talking with strangers. In Tulum this should be very easy, Mexicans are super friendly and like a chat or small conversations. Don’t worry about the mistakes you will be making. Of course you will. But that is not the point, you need those mistakes to improve, and the conversations with native speakers allow you to learn correct pronunciation, common phrases and understanding at a normal speed of a conversation.

If you want to continue to learn Spanish with people at home or you are looking for a more serious language exchange than just the chatting on the Mexican streets, here are some helpful communities.

Lets you find people around you with the same interest, that want to meet up with you. You can organize your own meet up for different topics. It is also great if you are new in a city and want to get involved with the community. You will need a profile as well.

This website is solely to speak foreign languages with native speakers via skype and is free as long as you offer half an hour or so for others to learn English. If not you can also pay.

Do it the old-school way, and write a flyer with your information searching for a person speaking Spanish and wanting to learn English. Pin them to the notice board of your favorite cafes.  There are also groups on Facebook that may afford an opportunity to set things up.

Step 3: Immerse yourself in the language

It’s time for you to cut out your native language as much as possible from your everyday life in order to learn Spanish and surround yourself with it. We give you some options to help you with it.

Set the language on your devices to Spanish
You know what you do without even reading the English anyways. But the small nudges towards the new language will help you learn some vocabulary.

Listen to the radio and podcasts
Spottily has a radio playlist called „Latin“ or you can listen to the Charts „Top 50 of Mexico“ mainly with spanish lyrics, and some english to give you a break. Various Podcasts help you learn and explain the language in short bits (about 10-20 minutes).
Here are some beginner podcasts:

  • Spanishpod 101
  • Coffeebreak Spanish
  • Notes in Spanish Beginner (also offers Intermediate)

Reading books or newspapers
Reading texts can not only improve your spelling and vocabulary, it also allows you to comprehend the sentence in your own speed and revise it over and over until you understood the full meaning. Newspapers are a good way to learn Spanish, but we also offer you some books, suitable for beginners.

  • “Papelucho“ by Marcela Paz – A kidsbook with a lot of everyday life vocabulary
  • “El principito“ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery – A lot of past tense, with a well known story
  • “Cuentos de la selva“ by Horacio Quiroga – Short stories with different imaginary animals
  • “El Aquimista“ by Paulo Coelho – A whole novel, easy vocabulary, philosophical storyline
  • “Como agua para chocolate“ by Laura Esquivel – Mexican family story, also available as movie
Learn Spanish by watching a movie
Watching a movie in Spanish is a great way to familiarize yourself with the language.

Step 4: Entertain yourself and learn Spanish at the same time

Watching movies or shows
Instead of just watching the next episode of your favorite show tonight, why not learn some Spanish at the same time by changing the language to Spanish (maybe with Spanish subtitles, maybe with engish subtitles). You can also go a step further and watch some of the shows or movies below.

  • “Tres metros sopre el cielo“ 2010 (youth romance)
  • “Papelucho y el marciano“ 2007 (Kids)
  • “Como agua para chocolate” 1992 (mexican classic)
  • “Diarios de motocicleta” 2004
  • “El laberinto del fauno” 2006

Shows (available on youtube):

  • youtube Extr@
  • Destinos
  • Malviviendo

There are many options to engage in the Spanish language without paying for class every day. Even if you just try a few of them, you will see how your vocabulary grows and how much more you will understand. And don’t forget, everybody makes mistakes learning a language, that doesn’t mean locals won’t understand you. Just speak it and be surprised where it might get you.

Like it does with learning a language, it truly depends on what and how much you devote to it but with a little bit of dedication and some perseverance, you will be saying “Que hermosa es la playa!” before you know it!.

Residential lot in Tulum

This residential lot in Tulum is situated in a gated neighborhood in the north-northwest part of town.  A calm, safe residential area is what constructors aim for.   It is perfectly situated just outside the city center with only a short drive to the beach.  Just down the 307 towards Playa del Carmen or even Cancun airport (130km) this is a one of a kind opportunity to settle down in tranquil Tulum.  You along with your family can come and build your dream house on this 219 square meter lot.

Residentiall lot in Tulum for sale
Secure subdivision, 24-hour security, and all infrastructure already in place.

Residential Lot in Tulum: safe and already populated neighborhood.

The whole residential area includes designated green Areas, parks, commercial areas, a bicycle path as well as other services on sixty hectares.  Above all, t has all high-quality underground services that are already there.  As a result, you will get wide roads, street lighting, water, sewage, and rainwater drainage.  All these underground.  All this is already there, waiting for you to start building tomorrow.

For instance, building a home in a residential lot in Tulum, as incredible potential from the rental perspective.  In other words, you can build yourself a rental property!.  Examples of this can be found easily:  Here.

If you are familiar with Tulum’s challenges, you will know that infrastructure is one of them.  However, the best way you have to ensure that your living standard will be everything you want from it is: make sure the area has the minimum modern amenities and services.   This fantastic location gives you that and more!

Residential lot for sale in Tulum ´s secure subdivision
Residential lot for sale in Tulum ´s secure subdivision
Residential lot in Tulum for sale
Broad paved streets, all underground infrastructure

In conclusion, and probably the biggest advantage of this property is that, in addition to all the individual attributes of this lot, your neighbors are building fast.   Lots of movement are making this a highly sought after area.

All of Tulum is experiencing amazing growth.   Don’t forget to visit this link to view the perfect Residential lot in Tulum for sale.


Ocean View Condos in Akumal

If you are looking for a private, secluded ocean view condos look no further. We offer all this close to the beautiful, cozy town Akumal. It is just over an hour drive form Cancun Airport. Most of all, this is the perfect place to get away from every day live, or even settle down forever.

The Complex includes a common lounge and infinity pool meters away from the shoreline.  Because of this, you get private terraces overlooking the mexican, caribbean sea.  One more reason why the light, airy apartments with 114qm and two bedrooms are an ideal fit. The common area contains an island kitchen opening into the living room as well as the dining area. Vast Windows brighten the whole apartment.  As a result, these are text book Ocean View condos for you to enjoy.

Bedroom in Ocean View Condos
Fantastic light available on these Ocean View Condos in Akumal

 Akumal offers splendid ocean view condos.  Enjoy living right on the Mexican Caribbean.

This Complex also has a penthouse available with 110qm and a 47qm rooftop terrace with your own pool. You can select from two bedroom and two and a half bathrooms a spacious island kitchen and two terraces reached through the common room and one of the bedrooms.

The best time to purchase ANY property, yet alone ocean view condos, is when the developer does not have the actual, physical building to deliver.   Because you must wait to take possession, developers must offer attractive pricing in order to fund the project and get it moving forward.     As a result, the value from buying in pre-construction reduces gradually as the project advances.

The details on ground floor Condo are available here.

For more information on the first floor Condo, click here.

To get more information on the penthouse, click here.

Once a project is finished, your chance to take advantage of these prices … is gone for ever!

Lot for sale in Tulum - Aldea Zama

Price drop and NEW Listing – Lot for sale in Tulum

First of all, this is great news for you if you are in the market for a lot for sale in Tulum!

There are two lots for sale, both in Aldea Zama, both for $130,000 dollars.

Lot for sale in Tulum

Lot 1

It is in block 13, lot 50. The area is of 360 square meters. It faces a small green patch to the front and is in the a residential area that has been having a lot of activity in terms of building activity. Currently there are 11 finished homes and 7 being built.

The lot is being offered WITH the Mexican corporation required to own property in this part of Mexico, if you are a foreigner.  It was listed for sale a few months ago and the seller just decided to drop the price immediately.  It was taken down from $137,000, down to $130,000.

Because you can build up to 170% of the total area of the lot in multiple levels.  Meaning, a grand total of 612 meters in three levels.  You can only occupy up to 60% of the area, which means the ground level can only have 212 meters of construction.  This is specially relevant because it means 212 meters at street level, and 200 on the subsequent to levels. It is a LOT of living area.

 —— UNDER CONTRACT —–  Lot 2

It is in block 7, lot 11.  The area is of 336 square meters. It is next to a designated green belt. This means you do NOT have a neighbor on one side … but a green belt instead.  As a result, you end up with a fantastic property.

The owner wanted to build, but this past week he decided this is not something he wants to put as much time as it seems they will have to… therefore, he is cashing out.

Much as on the other lot, one can build up to 170% of the total area of the lot in multiple levels.

Meaning, a grand total of 571.20 meters in three levels. You can only occupy up to 60% of the area. Same as the other lot, which means the ground level can only have 201 meters of construction. This means 201 meters at street level, and 200, and 169 on the subsequent to levels.

Lot for sale in Tulum - Aldea Zama


Request all additional information by visiting the LISTING PAGE for this lot for sale in Tulum.